My heart is tattooed and it says Anicca

My biggest takeaway of last year is Anicca

Anicca means Impermanence, and regardless of the origins, this is a concept I started living by since the day I learned it. Anicca exists in all references, religions and other; however, the way it’s stressed out in Buddhism is very interesting. It comes as one of the main beliefs in Buddhism.

Impermanence or Law of Impermanence is the truth. it’s simply the reality of this existence. nothing lasts, everything raises and dissolves. This law implies everything; feelings, situations, people, things, conditions and life itself.

During the Vipassana retreat, (read my article about Vipassana experience) I learned to face discomfort and pain (from mediation sitting) with Anicca, this taught me how to accept pain by practicing Anicca belief.

The beauty of this belief is very demonstrated in the middle of a heartache or pain, you don’t need to sit and mediated but just say to yourself that this won’t last !

Life is in movement, and nothing lasts, so simply (not that simple actually) wasting time and energy feeling bad is useless. This applies on happy moments too; they don’t last either. Understanding this makes the ending of a happy moment hurtless.




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