Gratitude, the Ultimate Happiness

As many of the people around me; I reached that phase of life where I started looking for happiness. What does it mean and why is it so hard to get.. I thought, as many people around me, that it’s in getting the things I want: money to spend, clothes I can buy (and never put on-just because I can), the relationships I want, the job I want, having that feeling of satisfaction all the time ! HOWEVER, these things, lose their meaning after possessing them and then I would want more ! I want a raise to spend more, I want the others to behave exactly as I want, I want my partner to do something just a little bit differently in order to meet my expectations, I want my friends to care more, I just want more, and the more I get the more I want…

These are short moments of satisfaction, these are pleasures, definitely this is not happiness.

So, I thought that maybe I am looking in the wrong place.

If happiness is not found in the external things, then maybe it’s something that comes from within?!

After a long/interesting and continuous process of self-discovery and self-development, (started 4 years ago) I finally knew what happiness is !

I learned from Buddha’s ways of meditation and beliefs that we basically suffer in two cases: not having things we want and having things we don’t want. The opposite of this will simply be accepting life as it is. Accepting the fact that we don’t get all the things we want and accepting those things that we wish didn’t exist.

In other words, it’s being grateful.


Gratitude is not an easy emotion to practice compared to its intellectual use. It’s an attitude to adopt and to express toward everything and everyone in life. It’s the willingness to be thankful no matter what.

Practicing gratitude will make you see life from different eyes. Imagine a world where you are happy with all the things you have, the people around you and the life you have. You are happy because you want everything you have and not just because you have everything you want !

Gratitude makes my heart warmer, my mind peaceful, and my soul full of love. I found happiness in gratitude.



May you all find happiness




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