What if we replace the word Time, by the word Life …

“The trouble is, you think yo have time” Unknown

Living our daily life without being conscious that we only have one life (having no clue how long it will last), that today which has just ended will never be lived again, that at this moment we are the youngest we will never be, and that adding one year to our age doesn’t only happen on birthdays ! Means we are in trouble ! we all know this YES, but we DO nothing about it, that’s the trouble !

We live our lives in a way that we believe we have plenty of time to plan, to work for our dreams, to do a task, to make up with a friend or to say I love you !

We live our time believing that a better version of ourselves only exists in the future.

We wait for the New Year to write a resolution list, (and never do them!!) we wait for next Monday to start a diet or start exercise, we wait for the right moment to do an important step, we wait for the weekend to breath, we wait for summer to be happy, we are only waiting for our time to end, we are only wasting our life !

The complexity of the life we live is entirely created by us. Our ego, low self-esteem, hatred, jealousy, fear, grudge, guilt, sadness, frustration, doubt are the biggest time wasters that we create!

What does wasting time concretely mean? I definitely don’t mean the academic/ professional/ causing a decrease in productivity meaning. I mean wasting time feeling bad and sorry rather than feeling happy, negative rather than being positive, wasting time being controlled by our mind rather than controlling it.

Living your life the way you want, at your own pace, doing something out of it or doing nothing at all, feeling peaceful and happy is not a wasted life, because it’s what you want!


If I tell you this: you only have a week before you die, you won’t be running to your office to finish your tasks ! or starting a fight with your beloved ones about things they did or did not do, or getting mad because of the traffic, You will be exactly doing what you wasted all your life not doing. You will be loving, forgiving, spending every single moment with the ones you love, doing things you love, and enjoying the rest of your days doing all the crazy things you wasted time not doing when you thought you had time !

We don’t have time or life, we only have this present moment, this moment we are living right now is the Reality, it is Time and it is Life. The past is gone and living in the past is the greatest life waster. The future does not exist yet, and maybe it will never do ! This is not saying that we will ignore the past and its lessons, nor ignore the future and not plan for our life BUT this is more about the mindset of being present, aware and conscious about this exact moment with all what it represents. It’s more about dropping the negative feelings that give us this feeling of being stuck, depressed and anxious.

Every day spent with no laughter in it, no love, no kindness, no giving, no happiness, no gratitude is a wasted day, and a day is time, and time is life.




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